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Please take a few minutes to review the information about Total Solutions Janitorial and Maintenance. It has been provided to let you know the attention to detail we use when cleaning.  We offer the highest quality janitorial service in the Salem/Keizer area.  We have supervisors who work nightly with our staff.  They are very involved in cleaning and following up on the the work being performed in your building.  If you have tried other companies and still aren't getting the quality of work you deserve, please give us a call.  


Listed below are some of the things that make us very good at what we do.


Restrooms:  There are many things in restrooms we do differently than most companies.  We remove all hard water stains and buildup from toilets, around chrome faucets and drains in the sinks.  We then keep them looking clean by scrubbing them several times a week.  There will be never be pink rings in the toilets or sink drains.  We wipe down walls below  towel dispensers and around sinks where water stains develop.  We wipe down walls and partitions around urinals and toilets in the mens restroom to remove urine splatter.  We wipe down the exterior of urinals and toilets including the bases.  We damp wipe and sanitize dispensers, dust partitions, ceiling vents and remove cobwebs.  We also use a liquid enzyme to elimnate urine oder.



Vacuuming:  We use very powerful canister vacuum that allows us to vacuum all the areas that an upright cannot reach.  Each service we check and vacuum under all desks, corners, edges, behind doors, between file cabinets and around computer cords. 


Trash: When emptying trash we check the bag for holes, any type of soiling, tape and sticky notes.  If the trash liner does not look to be in good condition or has food odors it is changed at that time.  We also check the exterior of the can and walls for cleanliness and damp wipe when necessary.    



Mopping:  Our mops are machine washed.  Each staff member is supplied several mop-heads to change throughout the week.  This insures that your floors are getting cleaned, as a dirty mop simply mops the dirt around.  We also remove gum, stuck on food and heel marks form the floor.  


Dusting:  We move items when dusting.  We dust all horizontal surfaces including desktops, remove all cobwebs and dust ceiling vents.  We use static wipes that actually removes the dust from your building.   


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